Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chuggin' Along

I don't know about you, but after all the comments yesterday I woke up this morning with cherry scones on my mind. I was able to hold off my rumbly tummy until I got to school, and I must say they didn't disappoint. They were warm and yummy, a perfect combination to get my writerly mind up and moving (I'm sure the coffee helped too.) Thanks Mrs. Genthner for the homey goodness you brought with you today.

From "Yummies" time we went on to our Sacred Writing Time. This morning's prompt has us imagining a window. As everyone shared their work I was blown away at how creative our group is. I love the fact that we all start with the same prompt and come out with writing that is so different. We heard about all kinds of windows, some with curtains, some without; some open, and some closed; and even some with eerie black-clad girls lurking in them! As I listened and thought about what we were going to be talking about next (using vivid language) I realized how good you already are at creating pictures with your words.

We had a nice chunk of time for writing today. I don't know about you, but I had a tough time getting going today. I spent most of my time getting my thoughts in order. How is that time going for you all? It doesn't seem to matter if I'm brainstorming or composing though because the time flies by. When the time rolled around for us to meet in our writing groups I had reached a point where I was "in the writing groove", but I wanted to see the progress of my group members too.

Too soon it seems that day two came to an end. Before I knew it, it was time for us to all go. Hmmm....maybe we need a longer day for next year..... What do you think?

Finally, I have a few thank you's and a warning. First, thank you all for coming back today. Since this is our first time doing this I wasn't sure how you all would like it. I knew I would have a blast, but I'm a little weird. Secondly, thank you for your willingness to participate in the writing prompts and the writing groups. I know how difficult it is to share your writing. It isn't always easy to open yourself up for others to see. Finally, here's your warning (it's not as dire as it sounds), even though this is only day two, we don't have much time left so you may want to spend some time in the afternoons or evenings composing or polishing your anthology piece. You'll be surprised at how quickly Friday comes. I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow, until then - happy writing!

Kiley was kind enough to stay after and give me some of her thoughts on how the MSWC is going for her. Check it out and add your own comments on your experience so far.

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  1. I agree. We might need more time for next year. It is just so hard (I agree!) to find my writing groove and then quit writing...and group time STILL isn't long enough.
    Cappuccino muffins tomorrow...