Thursday, August 6, 2009

My cough is a deep rattle in my throat

As I draw what I see.

Pen and ink write nature.

(Cruel and violent this may seem

But it is true.)

Critics decry my drawings call me


Wave research in my face

Don’t know their flapping and squawking is a


Nothing more.

The rattlesnake slid hungry eyes

Up the trunk

His body one long

Acquisitive muscle as he sought

The succulent nest in which lay—nestled—


Three speckled blue/brown eggs

Cradling (edible) life.

He bit and sucked

And when the mockingbird pair returned

Fluttering, screeching

He lunged, fangs dripping venom

And yellow unborn bird

Golden slitted eyes bulging.

They retreat(ed).

I draw what I see.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! I too was struck by the violence in this piece, as well as the jealous "picking" of Audubon's critics. What a picture "fangs dripping venom and yellow unborn bird" presents. You did a wonderful job giving the piece movement and feeling with your words.