Friday, August 7, 2009

Tearing the fabric of time..

It was one of those days that were best spent inside, in front of a nice, warm, blazing fire, curled up in a blanket or next to someone special. A cold, dismal, rainy day. One of those days where only the most adventurous go outside to run around, getting doused in buckets and buckets of ice cold, bone chilling rain. One of those days were only the most foolish went outside with an electronic device. Which was why Fred and George Weasley were outside, dodging the lightning that was threatening to sizzle them, George holding a video camera as he ran around. Kiley and Harry stood under a tree, shivering in their soaked clothes.
“Fred, George! We need to go inside now!!!” Kiley cried, her teeth chattering against each other. “Even my underwear is soaked!”
Fred and George just laughed, flapping their arms about as they ran.
“Live a little!” they both cried, George holding up the video camera to capture Kiley’s angry face.
“Bug off!” she yelled, highly irritated. They laughed again.
“C’mon, Kiley, they’re just having some fun,” Harry said, chuckling when Fred took a spill in a muddy puddle. Fred stood up, brushing the mud off him and grinning widely.
“Wicked,” he said before beginning to run again.
“Kiley! Kiley come out here and hold the video camera!” George cried, holding up the video camera high above his flaming red hair.
“What if I don’t want to?!?” Kiley yelled, hugging her torso and scowling. Harry kissed her lips,
“Just hold the video camera,” he said, smiling at her.
“Fine,” she growled, shedding her school robe and loosening her tie. She trudged out, her shoes squishing from the water in them. She snatched the video camera from George and held it up, the little square lighting up with the images of Fred and George running around.
“So what am I supposed to be tapping?” she asked, walking around and filming random things. She got a shot of Harry smiling, waving a little as he hugged himself. Next came Fred and George, fighting in the mud. She turned the camera around, aiming it at her face.
“This is a very exciting moment. We see the very rare, very dim witted species Weasley Twins fighting in some sort of tribal fashion. See how they……” suddenly a giant bolt of white lightning hit Kiley. She screamed as she felt the electricity course through her veins, sending her body into shock.
“Kiley!!” she heard the distant cry of Harry, his voice filled with shock and distress. Her head started to spin rapidly, her insides felt like they where about to explode. She tried to scream, but no sound came out of her mouth. It felt like her head was being compressed in one of those crushing machine. Then as soon as it had started it stopped.
Kiley sat on the warm, dry ground, clutching her head. She set the video camera she had been clutching down on her lap as she whimpered in pain.
“Are you all right?” someone asked, rushing over to help her. She shook her head, the pain growing. Everything started to go fuzzy as whoever it was picked her up and started rushing her across the grass and into the castle.
“It hurts, my head hurts, Harry,” she whispered, thinking that whoever it was helping had to be Harry.
“I know it does, I know it does,” he muttered, starting to sprint faster. She threw her arms around his neck, her head bumping painfully against his arm.
“Harry, Harry what happened?” she asked, still whispering. She felt his speed pick up again, and she wondered when he had learned to run so fast.
“I don’t know, but be quiet, don’t use anymore energy,” he said, skittering around a corner. He ran up a flight of stairs and rounded another corner. Finally they got into the infirmary.
“Madam Pomfrey?” the boy asked, shifting from foot to foot.
“Oh, hello……… dear Merlin! What happened??” a short, stout women with salt and pepper hair asked, looking up from the bed she was making.
“I’m not sure, I found her under the giant oak tree. She was clutching this thing and she was crying and whimpering.” The boy set her down on a cot gently, setting the video camera on the table next to the cot.
“Lightning, lightning,” Kiley mumbled, vaguely remembering the searing light, the unbearable pain.
“What did she say?” Madam Pomfrey asked, running over to the cot.
“She said something about lightning,” the boy answered. He sat down on the edge of the cot, his black robe billowing around him.
“Well, that’s absurd! We haven’t had a thunderstorm in weeks!” Madam Pomfrey said, looking at Kiley with surprise. “Dear, can you tell me your name?”
“Kiley,” she whispered, the pain in her head subsiding slowly.
“All right, Kiley, where does it hurt?”
“My head, but the pain is going away now,” Kiley said, trying to sit up.
“Oh, don’t do that now, dear. You just need to get some rest.” She said, gently laying Kiley back down. “Can you tell me your last name and what house you’re in?”
“Gryffindor, and which one?” Kiley said, chuckling a little.
“What do you mean?” Madam Pomfrey asked, slightly confused.
“I have two last names. I grew up with one, then found out I had a totally different one,” Kiley answered, the fuzziness in her eyes subsiding rapidly. She looked up at the ceiling, thinking that this lady should already know this. She also wondered why Harry didn’t say anything.
“Um, well, give me the one you grew up with, then.” Madam Pomfrey said, shaking her head in bewilderment.
“Riddle,” Kiley answered. The boy who was sitting on the foot of her bed snorted as Madam Pomfrey gasped.
“What?” Kiley asked, wondering if the lady didn’t know all about her past like everyone else in the Wizarding world.
“Clearly she’s confused,” the boy at the foot of her bed drawled.
“Harry, what are you talking about?” Kiley tried to sit up, but Madam Pomfrey pushed her back down.
“See? My name isn’t Harry,” the boy said, his voice sounding slightly amused.
Kiley shot up, not caring that the nurse was looking at her with disapproval.
“Then fine! Do you want my real last name?” she shot at the boy. His hair was long, jet black and greasy. He was unnaturally pale, and he had bags under his eyes from lack of sleep.
“Yes, we would like to know,” he said, looking straight into her eyes. He looks familiar, Kiley noticed with a start, but she couldn’t place who he was.
“Fine then! You both should know anyways, unless you’ve been living under a bloody rock for the past three years. It’s Snape. Speaking of which, I would LOVE to see my father and my fiancé if you wouldn’t bloody mind!!” Kiley yelled the last bit, completely furious. The boy looked taken aback as he leaned forward, pressing his face inches away from Kiley’s.
“What are you talking about?” he asked.
“My name is Kiley Snape. My father’s name is Severus Snape, the potions master here at Hogwarts and head of Slytherin house. My fiancé is Harry Potter the boy-who-lived. Now, anymore pointless, bloody questions?” Kiley spat, jerking her head away from the intensity of his gaze.
“You are lying,” he said coldly, his eyes narrowing.
“You bloody wish,” Kiley whispered, her eyes narrowing in return. She didn’t like this boy, even though he was so familiar.
“It seems that you’re the one who is doing the wishing.” The boy said, crawling closer to her. She backed up as far as she could against the metal frame. Madam Pomfrey was still in shock. Then she just walked away, shaking her head and resolving to take a nap.
“What are you talking about?” she asked, getting uncomfortable the closer he got to her. He was directly in front of her now, his legs on either side of her torso.
“My name is Severus Snape.” He whispered. He looked at her shocked eyes. Suddenly he felt a twinge in his lower stomach. What? He wondered, not taking his eyes off Kiley. I only get that when I’m with Lilly.
“No,” she breathed, looking into his ink black eyes. “No,”
“Yes,” he breathed back. There it was again, that twinge. Why did I feel so protective of her when I found her under that tree? He thought.
“That, that’s not possible, your lying.” She said, tears starting to form in her eyes.
Severus started to instantly feel regretful for making her cry. Not knowing what made him do so, he kissed her forehead and got off her.
“It’s okay, don’t cry,” he mumbled.
“I want to see Harry,” she whispered, looking at him in pure, absolute shock, her vivid green eyes going wide, and her mouth slightly ajar.
“I, I’m sorry, but no one by the name of Harry Potter goes to this school,” Severus said. He watched as her face crumpled. Tears started to slip out of her eyes, and he bit his lip. Suddenly he got an idea, “but there is a boy by the name of Potter. I’ll go get him. Don’t move!” he instructed, starting to run to the door. “Not a single muscle!” he called over his shoulder as he ran.
He ran down the hall, wondering where he would find that vile git Potter at and what in Merlin’s name was making him run around Hogwarts in an attempt to find his enemy for a girl he just met. He found Sirius and Lupin lounging around in the halls, talking and laughing.
“Do you two know where I could find Potter?” Severus asked them, not wanting to talk to them.
“Um, try the lake. He and Lilly had a date.” Lupin said, looking at Severus like he was insane. “Why?”
“Because there’s a girl in the infirmary who said she was hit by lightning and claiming I’m her father and a boy named Harry Potter is her fiancé.” Severus said, wanting to find James as soon as possible. He shifted from foot to foot impatiently.
“What?” Sirius asked, his mouth gaping open slightly.
“Yup, now I need to go, thanks,” Severus said, sprinting down the hall and out the door. He found James and Lilly walking around the lake, talking and holding hands. What surprised Severus the most was that he found he really didn’t care that Lilly was with James. All he cared about was getting back to the girl.
“Potter! POTTER!” Severus yelled, running faster. He started to hop up and down like a lunatic, waving his arms to get James’s attention.
“Sniverus!” James yelled back, wondering what was going on.
“Potter! Please come with me!” Severus yelled, running up to him and skidding to a halt in front of him.
“Were?” James asked, holding Lilly’s hand tightly. Lilly looked at Severus like he was going insane and like he was dangerous.
“The infirmary!” Severus said, shifting from foot to foot again. He didn’t want to be away from Kiley for to long, and he didn’t know why.
“Um, why?”
“Because there’s a girl who said she was hit by lightning and she was moaning and I carried her to the infirmary and she was saying that she was hit by lightning and then she said her last name was Riddle, then she said her last name was Snape and that she would like to see her father and her fiancé Harry Potter. She said her father was Severus Snape and that he was the potions master at Hogwarts and head of the Slytherin house and that her fiancé was Harry Potter the boy-who-lived whatever that means.” Severus said in a rush, pausing to breathe maybe three times. He babbled like a lunatic.
“Potter?” James asked, clearly confused.
“Yes! Now come with me!” Severus said, staring to sprint again. James had no choice but to follow him, Lilly running behind him. They past Sirius and Lupin and James signaled them to come with them. Severus ran faster, wanting to see if Kiley had done anything stupid while he was gone. This is insane! He though as he began to envision what all she could have done.
“How old is she?” James yelled as he ran.
“Our age!” Severus yelled back.
“I think Snivellus has found himself a love!” Sirius called, starting to skip ahead of James and Lilly. James laughed,
Severus just ignored them. He was a good yard ahead off them when he skidded into the infirmary. Kiley was just sitting there on the cot, her wand out as she manifested two pretty red birds. They flitted around her as her face lit up.
“Did you find him? Did you find Harry?” she asked, getting up and waving her hand. The birds disappeared in bright pink smoke. She made a face as she muttered pink under her breathe.
“No, but I found a Potter!” Severus said, running over to her and standing in front of her.
James, Lilly, Sirius, and Lupin came running in then, huffing and puffing from so much running.
“Sirius? Lupin?” Kiley asked, noticing them first. They looked the same, but younger, more athletic.
“How do you know my name?” Sirius asked, walking up to her.
Suddenly it clicked. She had gone back in time. Those stupid Weasley twins gave her the stupid video camera that made the lightning hit her. Stupid Fred and George.
“Um, lucky guess?” she said, thinking that it would be better to make up a story. “I had heard about you guys from…… someone at the school. You must be James, and you must be Lilly,” she said, nodding in their direction.
“So, Sniverus said something about your fiancé?” James asked.
“Um, yes, Harry Potter,” she said, wondering if she should have answered truthfully.
“I don’t have any cousins named Harry,” James said, looking thoughtful.
“I don’t think he’s your cousin or anything like that,” Kiley said. He’s your son, she snorted inwardly.
James nodded. Severus stood at her side, having a strange urge to help Kiley out.
“There are several different families with the last name Potter,” Severus said, making it up as he went along.
“What, are you stalking James or something?” Sirius asked, crossing his arms and smiling devilishly.
“It’s a well known fact that different families who have no relation whatsoever have the same last name. It was a common misshape that the people writing down the different family names would shorten the name or make it easier to say when all the different families come from the different countries into America. It would be the same here with all the modern technologies to help those families migrate here. Its common knowledge. You should know this. But seeing as you don’t…. well, that’s a bit sad, wouldn’t you agree?” Kiley said, putting her hands on her hips and giving them a patented Draco Malfoy smirk.
Sirius’s jaw dropped. Lupin and James started to laugh. Lilly looked at her with admiration.
“What’s your name?” James asked between laughs.
“Kiley Riddle,” she said, smiling. Severus looked astounded for a moment, but then quickly recovered. She’s getting good at the hiding thing.
“Snivellus said something about you saying your last name was Snape?” Sirius asked, trying desperately to get some ground.
“Yes, I grew up with the last name Riddle, and then found out that it was actually Snape. No, Sirius, I am not related to Severus here. No, I am not married to Severus.” Kiley said, anticipating his next comment. Sirius pouted.
“Ha-ha! Sirius she outsmarted a Marauder! How about that?!?” Lupin cried, laughing again at Sirius’s expression. Lupin’s expression changed slightly when he looked at Kiley next. Severus saw Lupin’s eyes slowly travel up and down her. Severus growled slightly, putting his arm around Kiley’s waist protectively.
Kiley glanced at him surprised. He shrugged slightly. Lupin smiled a wolfish grin, knowing that Severus saw him check her out.
“So,” Kiley said, not knowing what to do. She walked over to the table, picking up the video camera. She aimed it at everyone’s faces for lack of anything to do.
“Tell the video camera your names and something about yourself.” Kiley said, first aiming the camera at Severus’s face.
“Um, well, my name is Severus Snape, and I am in Slytherin,” Severus said, wondering what the video camera had to do with anything. He had never seen that type before; it was smaller than the ones he was used to.
Next she shot James’s face.
“My name is James Potter, and I am madly in love with Lilly Evans!” he said, throwing his arms out for emphasis. Lilly and Kiley giggled as Kiley aimed the camera at Lilly.
“My name is Lilly Evans, and I think James Potter is a right foul git. But I love him all the same!” she said, hugging James tightly.
Next Kiley aimed the camera at Lupin’s face. Lupin smiled. “My name is Remus Lupin and I like a girl who says she was hit by lightning,” he said with a wink. Kiley blushed, quickly aiming the camera at Sirius.
“My name is Sirius Black, and I am in the mightiest house at Hogwarts!! GRYFFINDOR!!!” he yelled, flashing the crest on his school robes. Everyone but Severus laughed. She stopped the tape.
“Great!” she said, laughing a little as she went to go sit on the cot.
“Let’s see it!” Lupin cried, walking over to sit by Kiley. Severus sat down on her other side, shooting Lupin a death glare.
“I’m not sure how to work this, its Fred and George’s.” Kiley said sheepishly.
“Here, let me look at it!” Lupin said, snatching the video camera from her hands. He looked at it, opening the little flap that Kiley had closed not long ago. He pressed a button that looked like a rewind button. Suddenly it played from the beginning of the tape.
“This is Fred and George Weasley,” Fred’s face came on the screen. Suddenly he was pushed away by George.
“And we are going to tape everything!!”
“And it,”
“Will be,”
“WICKED!” they both cried together. That scene cut away and Harry and Kiley kissing suddenly filled the screen. Kiley tried to snatch up the camera but Lupin scurried away. Severus ran after him, wanting to see the scene. Kiley sighed, hearing everyone laugh when Fred and George started talking.
“Hey, that boy looks just like you, James!” Sirius said, pointing to the stilled shot. Lupin had paused it. Kiley walked over, looking at the frame of her and Harry looking shocked, her slightly pink cheeked.
“He does!” James exclaimed. Lupin un-paused it and they watched the rest of the clip.
They heard a voice out of the video camera’s range say, “Morons,” the camera whirled around, shooting the back of Draco. They ran after him screaming,
“We love you to, Malfoy!”
When they where about to say the word Malfoy, Kiley cleared her throat loudly so no one could hear the word.
“Okay, I think that’s enough.” Kiley said, taking the video camera from Lupin. Every one but she and Severus started to laugh.

to be contined........

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