Thursday, August 6, 2009

History writing

so, i was told to post the History writing story, and i finished it, and i really don't know where else to post it, so here it is! just a short little story!
The days where getting longer for Anna B. Lynch. She ran when she was able to, played with her many friends when she was able to. She was a smart little girl; she knew what was going on. Her mother tried to tell her otherwise, that she had just over exerted herself. True, the swelling would go down after she rested. But she knew. The angels had already visited her in her dreams, telling her her time was coming and to enjoy herself.
That is why today little Anne stole of pair of her brothers shorts and a top, deciding to go explore the woods. She downed the warm tea that was placed on her bedside table and washed her face before stomping out of her room, parading through the house.
“Anna Lynch! What on God’s green earth do you think you are doing?!?” her mother cried when she saw her daughter parading about in her brothers clothes.
“I am going to go explore the wood, mother,” she said, grabbing a plump green apple from the wicker bowl on the table.
“You will do no such thing,” her mother scolded, scowling at her daughter, “Now march upstairs and put your dress on, young lady,”
“Mother, I don’t have much time,” she said, taking a bite of the apple and heading towards the back door. She could feel her chest tightening.
“Anna, what are you talking about?” her mother asked, her hands stilling on the pan she had been scrubbing.
“Just what I said, I haven’t much time, and I want to explore and enjoy myself.” Anna said, her hand on the door knob. She knew that this hurt her mother, for her to say things like this. In her mother’s eyes it was like she had given up. All Anna had done was accept reality.
“Well, I suppose so, just do not let anyone see you!” her mother said, turning back to scrubbing the pan.
Anna smiled and raced out the door, running down the slope and into the woods in their backyard. She stopped and huffed, clutching her chest. When she regained her breath she started through the woods, marching and looking around her.
The wood is so beautiful, she thought as she looked around her. I wish I had come here before.
It was late summer, so the leaves on the trees where changing color. There was a painter’s pallet of colors around her, reds, greens, oranges, pinks, and every other color imaginable. The grass was a bright green; the sky was a wonderful blue, rich and deep. She looked around her in awe, forgetting for a few precious moments that she would soon die, her body giving into the Diphtheria that was consuming it.
She came to a babbling brook. She smiled as she envisioned the mermaids and water sprites that must live within it. Anna gingerly stepped onto a rock, taking her shoes off and setting them down beside her. She dipped her toes into the water, closing her eyes when she felt the coolness lick her toes.
“Hello, little bird,” she cooed to the bird singing in a tree on the other side of the water. “How are you today?”
The bird chirped. She envisioned him saying,
‘Very fine, thank you. And how are you today, Miss Anna?’
She giggled. “Very good, Mr. Bird.”
The bird chirped again and flew away.
“Goodbye, Mr. Bird,” she called, waving a little. She looked down into the water and saw a little fish, looking at her toes with interest. Anna tried not to stir as the fish gave her a little peck.
“Hello, Mrs. Fish, how are you today?” she asked to the water. The fish darted away, having felt the vibration of her voice from her toes.
She smiled and sat back, watching the clouds and naming the shapes she saw within them.
“Bunny, an elephant, a giraffe, and oh! That one looks like a baby!” Anna giggled to herself.
“ANNA!!!! ANNA!!!” she heard the faint voice of her mother calling her. She sighed, glancing at the sun and realizing she had been here longer than she had thought.
“Goodbye, brook. Goodbye, fishes. Goodbye, mermaids and water sprits. Goodbye everyone!” she called, imagining the water sprits and mermaids and everything else waving to her.
She pranced through the woods, content with her experience.
Suddenly she felt her chest tighten, and her throat start to swell. She ran faster, her eyes growing wide as she struggled to breath. Finally she got to the house, her mother waiting for her.
Anna’s mother took her in, giving her hot tea and telling her everything was going to be all right.


  1. It's amazing to me that you can write such a well developed character in just 1/2 an hour. Well done. I like the idea of Anna being more mature in some ways than her mother. Like the imagery, the details Anna observes. And the sense of foreboding I feel as a reader as I notice the symptoms she tries to ignore.

  2. What a poignant piece of writing. Kiley, I admire your ability to see your story and characters so clearly, and that you can bring that through in your writing beautifully. You have a wonderful insight into what drives people to act, or not to act as the case may be. I particularly like how you took a seemingly weak girl and made her a tower of strength. Nicely done, thank you so much for sharing.