Monday, August 3, 2009

First Day Done

I wonder if any of you had as much trouble sleeping last night as I did. I get these jitters before any exciting event in my life. First day of school. Vacation. New job. Going on a date. I toss and turn the night before each one, blinking at the clock as each hour slouches past, waiting for morning. I always set my alarm just in case, but I don't need to: I wake up well before it goes off. This morning was no different.
Finally, the sun was bright enough that I felt like it wasn't insanely early to get out of bed, and I started getting ready, letting the excitement ease itself out as I ate some breakfast and made some coffee.
By the time I got to school, I was so calm you probably had no idea that I hadn't slept well. You didn't, did you? That's how good I am at acting.
And the nervousness was all for nothing. The morning went just swimmingly. We had enough time to do everything, even though I felt rushed at the end during our group sharing time. I'm thinking we should maybe lengthen that for tomorrow; what do you think?
But I loved hearing about your name stories, how you find ideas, getting to know you all better.

And I really loved the writing time. I don't know about you, but even though I consider myself a writer, I don't do a very good job of setting aside time each day dedicated just to writing. I distract myself instead with other things, like eating chocolate, going for a walk, reading, or making something.
Do you find yourself making excuses, or have you developed the writing habit? I hope that maybe this week will be good for all of us, myself and Mrs. Valente included. We want to become better writers, too, and we're hoping you will teach us as much as we teach you.
So come on, share your ideas about how to find time to write or your frustrations. Tell me about what you liked or didn't like about the workshop today. And tomorrow, I'm thinking I'll bring in cherry scones. Sound good?


  1. We seem to be on the same page! I had the "What if we tried this..." song playing through my head all night. I too felt energized this morning as I got up and ready to go.
    I enjoyed hearing a bit about everyone's names as well. What do you think about making a section where we post an excerpt from SWT each day? Everyone could contribute if they wish.
    I know that it will be helpful for me to have a copy of my each person's writing for our writing group tomorrow. I'm too much of a visual person. It was hard for me to catch everything when I was just hearing it.
    I'm looking forward to getting together again tomorrow morning. I've got a great idea for a poem brewing....
    Oh, and scones sound yummy!

  2. Scones sound super tasty! Yeah, I have a really good idea too(for a "short" story)! I'm working on it right now and have been a while now (just research and stuff like that). I'm really excited to share my idea tomorrow! Til' then, buenos noches to all.

  3. scones sound great!! haha i don't remember anyone taking that picture of me! this class is really cool! can't wait for tomorrow!

  4. I personally had a wonderfully splendifferous time! The class is a nice, small size that allows for personalized attention, and since I already know you, Mrs. Genthner, and Myria, it made me much more comfortable. I think we should do a little more to introduce ourselves tomorrow. That way we can all be more comfortable with sharing our writing; I find it's so much easier to do so when one is in a, at least, semi-familiar setting.
    Can't wait for the rest of the week!

  5. And, yes, cherry scones are delicious. :D

  6. Good idea, SP, about having more sharing time. Maybe we'll do that after our sacred writing time in the morning. Also, we'll have the doors open at 8:30, so you're welcome to come early and just hang out, chat, write, eat scones. Whatever.