Sunday, July 18, 2010

Once the smoke clears

In WWII on Cristmas Eve in a battle in germany a american col. saw threw his binoculars a white flag had been raised. "Are they surrendering?"
The col. and other leaders went over to the german camp expecting people bleeding and dieing. But instead seeing banners hung saying "Lustig Cristfest Americans"!
That night the americans and the germans celebrated cristmas together as fellow men.
Then next day they were back to killing each other.
When the smoke clears we are all men, fellow people who are equal in every way.
Man wages war to try and prove this fact wrong.
But it doesnt change the fact that we are all people who live our lives then die like everyone else
So do you think think this is true?
I the bird of hermes thinks so

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  1. Isn't it amazing to think that soldiers could go from slaughter to revelry to slaughter in 48 hours? Yes, I've heard of this WWII event--the Christmas Celebration that put a pause in the war. Of course we are all human and alike in that respect, but I think to say that man wages war to prove that we are not all equal is an oversimplification. Yes, we all live and then die, but war...that is not so easy to understand or to explain.